About that A9

About that A9

Today everyone is unboxing their A9's.  Do I even need to say what an A9 is? It's the Pro DSLR killer. Sayonara, Canikon!  Sony has blown past you like my Cooper Clubman S to the Beverly Hillbillies in their creaky truck.

Of course, the pro's have already written their pieces because they got test models months ago. So it's just left to us "pramateurs" to open our retail boxes and play with our new toys.

Actually mine is not a retail box. I picked one up as a weekend rental at the local pro shop because this weekend is the state high school lacrosse championships.  They were out of Sony lenses, however, so I took a leap of faith and rented a Canon 300mm f/2.8 along with a metabones adaptor.  Never used Canon before in my life. 

Let me say just one thing.  If you are used to moving the focus point around in your Canon or Nikon, you'll love the A9. 

Curb Appeal

On the ferry ride home, this fellow came up to me with his iPhone, pointed at my big lens and said, "trade ya?"  I demurred, but snapped a quick photo as he turned away, dejected and rejected.


Canon 300mm f/2.8 II

I've never used a Canon lens before, or a Metabones adapter. But I've heard good things about them.  The A9 looks like a pimple hanging at the end of this serious piece of glass.  I held it up and started shooting, and it almost jumped out of my hand like a bazooka. Before I knew it, I had blasted off 20 frames of the poor guy. Most of them were out of focus - user error - but because the shutter is so quiet, he didn't seem to notice, and neither did Mochi with her bird collar on (pixie-bobs have opposable thumbs and will soon take over the world).

Nikon 300mm f/4 PF (with Vello adaptor)

I love this lens so much I'll keep it even after I sell my last Nikon body.  And it's superb for action on my D800. But not on my A7Rii because the auto-focus is so fiddly. That's because Nikon still uses mechanical focusing, in order to be backwards compatible with all their older lenses. Bad decision. Canon is fully electronic, which means third party adaptors have a much easier time of it.

Still, just for fun, I popped the Nikon 300 on and was surprised enough with the quick focus on the A9 that I'll bring it in the bag today and see how it works on the sports field... 

All photos in this post were taken with the Sony A9 set to AF-C.

A9:  Ready, Set, Action!

A9: Ready, Set, Action!

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