Olympus Pen: Traveling Light

You learn to travel light if you have a distain for checking luggage. I do. That distain was born from multiple experiences of lost luggage. I confess it's also related to my impatience at the luggage carousel. I'd just rather be out taking pictures, than back at the airport, waiting.

An A+ For Customer Service

I probably shouldn't be advertising this because I don't want to create undue expectations, but I was impressed with the repair service I received when I sent in my OM-D E-M1.

New Gallery: Vietnam

I've just posted a new gallery to Qamera called "Vietnam." Those of you who follow me know that I travel there very frequently. It contains some of my favorite photos over the past few years.

Breakfast of Champions

Ok I know this is just another 'food selfie' but seriously, how can you compare caphe sữa đá (slow-dripped iced coffee with condensed milk) and Bun Bo Hue (spicy noodles with deep broth, from Hue) with - uhm - Wheaties? Seriously?